Saturday, July 11, 2015

I Need Some Twitter Love

I've been following players and teams at all levels like crazy but I've hit a ceiling imposed by Twitter. It seems there is a cap at 2000 accounts that can be followed by all Twitter accounts. "Wait..." you say "I've seen accounts that are following way more than 2000!". True, accounts can follow more than 2000 but twitter applies some sort of secret sauce to accounts to adjust this limit and according to the Twitter Help Center "This number is different for each account and is based on your ratio of followers to following; this ratio is not published. Follow limits cannot be lifted by Twitter and everyone is subject to limits, even high profile and API accounts."

Beside adding players and their accounts to I'm also trying to establish a number of Twitter lists to categorize the accounts, I'll release the lists from private status some time in the future. Problem is there are so many players in so many leagues that I need to follow and I'm hand cuffed by the 2000 account limit. So, if you'd be so kind give @puckyeahdotnet a follow so we can get the most out of this.


Puck Yeah!

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