Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Google Sheets and Blogger are not getting along

Apologies for all of the formatting issues. It looks like Google Sheets (a Google product) and Blogger (another Google product) don't like each other very much. I noticed before that Sheets did not always export identical sheets with the same css (Cascading Style Sheets) codes. This was a problem but sort of worked because the number of columns that I was exporting was always the same. The latest post or two have deviated from that and it appears is affecting earlier posts from the perspective of the front page of the blog. If you want to see the post as it was intended to look, click on the title and it will display only that page properly, for the most part, formatted. I'll work to address this or expedite my plans to move to a different platform if it can't be ironed out. Thanks! Terry

1 comment:

  1. I believe I've found a solution to the formatting troubles. I hope you agree that the recent posts have addressed some, if not all, of the issues. I'll try to get back to older posts once I've finished with getting the Pro teams posted.